Transfer Students

While the priority date for transfer admission is 小君e 7, most candidates submit their materials for review by April 1.

C腹侧 天主教 accepts a limited number of students for transfer into grades 10 and 11.

Transfer Admission to C腹侧 天主教 is selective.

Transfer candidates may apply to C腹侧 天主教 by using the CCHS Application Portal.

Students interested in transferring to C腹侧 天主教 must submit the following through the Application Portal:

  1. CCHS application for admission (Application Portal link),
  2. Official transcript of the past two years of study, as well as the student’s most recent grades,
  3. 学校 Official Recommendation Form with disciplinary and attendance records
  4. Current Math Teacher Recommendation Form, and
  5. Current English Teacher Recommendation Form.

You will be able to access your electronic recommendation and s公立学校 records forms through the CCHS Application Portal once you submit your Application for Admission.

Once the materials have been submitted, the candidate for transfer may be invited to interview with a member of the 招生 Committee. The earliest a candidate would be invited for an interview would be April.

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The 招生 Team

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If you have any questions about CCHS or the admissions process, please do not hesitate to contact us. Call us at 978-682-0260 ext. 612 or email us at: admissions@c腹侧catholic.网.

Ms. 泰勒焦点在于

Ms. 泰勒焦点在于
Director of 招生

Mr. Nicholas Imprescia

Mr. Nicholas Imprescia
Assistant Director of 招生