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Guided by the vision of Saint Marcellin Champagnat, the founder of the 马里斯特 兄弟thers, we are inspired to make the world a better place by serving and leading.

The 马里斯特 Family Spirit distinguishes who we are and is the cornerstone of our C腹侧 天主教 community.

Discover the Power of 马里斯特!

The Power of 服务

Our community and the compassion with which we lead and live our faith are what make C腹侧 天主教 distinctive and truly unique.

All students commit 24 hours of direct service to those in need.

服务 projects and opportunities are designed to help students discover how they can make a difference in our world by leading and through building relationships with the least favored.

Students often volunteer their time to assist the poor, 无家可归的人, 生病的人, 老年人, those in nursing homes or assisted living, as well as people who are mentally or physically challenged or have special needs.

The Power of the 马里斯特 Family Spirit

Students come from diverse backgrounds to form a caring community of faith, learning, and service. They embrace their unique talents to join together as one C腹侧 family, offering each other encouragement and support while challenging one another to be better.

The Power of 马里斯特 领导

At the end of each s公立学校 year, a large group of students and staff travel to Camp 马里斯特 on the shore of Lake Ossipee, NH, for the Camp Champagnat 领导 Institute.

Camp Champagnat is a three-day, two-n本t leadership institute staffed by rising seniors, 教师, and staff from CCHS.

Camp Champagnat is just one of the ways in which students are invited to cultivate their leadership abilities at C腹侧 天主教.

The Power of Prayer

Prayer is an important part of life at C腹侧 天主教, helping to sustain and strengthen the s公立学校 community.

Students begin and end the s公立学校 day with a prayer and are invited to pray the Rosary weekly.

The greater s公立学校 community is invited to join us in prayer by submitting special intentions.

Submit a Special Intention.